Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Back in October of last year, Bethany texted me this this poem she had read in a devotional book she was going thru. It was such an encouragement to the both of us at the time. And I keep looking back on it and thanking God for her, and for the direction He is taking my life.

If we could push ajar the gates of life,

And stand within, and all God's working see,

We might interpret all this doubt and strife,

And for each mystery could find a key.

But not today. Then be content, poor heart;

God's plans, like lilies pure and white, unfold,

We must not tear the close-shut leaves apart--

Time will reveal the calyxes of gold.

And if, through patient toil, we reach the land

Where tired feet, with sandals loosed, may rest,

When we shall clearly know and understand,

I think that we shall say, "GOD knew best."

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  1. lovely, lovely. I love the picture too :)

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